Developing a safe, transparent and accountable workplace culture within the public sector

In its learning and development strategy, the Australian Public Service aims to build “a highly capable and future-ready workforce; always learning and adapting to deliver for the government and Australians”. A key component of a capable and future-ready workforce is building a successful workplace culture to transform the employee and customer experience.
Culture is, at its core, about behaviours in the workplace. The challenge is to minimise, if not eliminate, the gap between the aspirational culture (what we say we do) and the way people really behave in the workplace. 
In recent years there has been significant changes to public sector workplaces and how we work. The pandemic pushed us to working from home and now hybrid and flexible working is here to stay. The Respect@Work Report is one of several reports that highlight significant issues in workplaces. These disruptions have had different impacts between jurisdictions, sectors and job types.
The Public Sector Workforce Culture Workshop will look at ways to set an aspirational organisational culture in this environment of significant disruption, and how to recognise and reward desired behaviours or change and eliminate unacceptable behaviours within the context of the public sector.

Hear from our Expert Facilitator

Catherine Skippington
(GAICD, Master of Public Administration) 
Executive Consultant
TMS Consulting 
Helen Wood
Chief Executive Officer
TMS Consulting   


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Learning Objectives

  • Getting the basics right – what is culture? What makes public sector culture different? Why is culture important?
  • Workplaces have changed. How has significant disruption affected the culture of your organisation? Is disparity of impact causing problems? 
  • What is the culture now? – assessing culture. Is culture helping your organisation achieve its outcomes. 
  • How to change culture – in your organisation, your team and your own beliefs and behaviours if they are not working to get the outcomes you need. 
  • How to manage culture clashes – with stakeholders, with other departments or within your organisation – between policy areas, regulators, and front-line staff.  
  • How to influence change. 

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for all levels of government, including departments, agencies/services, and local councils. Anyone responsible for managing workplace culture in the public sector should consider attending this event, including if you are a: 


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The event will be held in premium 4/5-star venues in the respective city CBD. Delegates will be informed 4 weeks before the event.